funeral message

My time was come! My days were spent! I was called away-and away I went!!!!
- Unknown

Not a drum was heard, not a funeral note, as his corse to the rampart we hurried.
- Charles Wolfe

O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy victory? Where, indeed. Many a badly stung survivor, faced with the aftermath of some relative's funeral, has ruefully concluded that the victory has been won hands down by a funeral establishment-in disastrously unequal battle.
- Jessica Mitford

Of all the fools who flocked to swell or see the show, who cared abut the corpse? The funeral made the attraction, and the black the woe.
- Byron

Once the band starts, everybody starts swaying from one side of the street to the other, especially those who drop in and follow the ones who have been to the funeral. These are known as the second line and they may be anyone passing along who wants to hear the music. The spirit hits them and they follow.
- Louis Armstrong

Pay me no tears; or for my passing grieve; I linger on the lips of men-and live.
- Ennius

The care of funeral, the manner of burial, the pomp of obsequies, are rather a consolation to the living than of any service to the dead.
- St. Augustine of Hippo